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Conductive Fabric

Conductive fabrics, also called metallized fabric or smart fabric, utilize conductive metals such as nickel, gold, carbon, stainless steel, or titanium. Typical foundational materials include cotton, wool, polyester, or nylon. There are two categories of conductive fabrics. The first is intrinsically conductive fibers and conductive polymers. The second is non-conductive or less conductive substrates. These are either coated or embedded with the electrically conductive element. Other features include corrosion resistance and the need for fewer seams. Conductive fabrics are growing in popularity, particularly in the telecom, medical, and wearable electronics industries. Many have the NFPA Class A Flame rating.

FlectronTM Nickel/Copper Conductive Fabric is a unique fabric, manufactured using a patented, proprietary technology.
This technology combines highly conductive copper and corrosion resistant nickel with the lightweight, flexibility,
conformability, strength and uniform appearance of a woven.
FlectronTM conductive fabric offers excellent surface conductivity, shielding effectiveness, and reflectivity for a variety of


Laird 3027-235P PNW  thickness 0,4mm

Laird 3070-500 Mesh  thickness 0,17mm

Laird 3050-525 NRS    thickness 0,11mm

Laird 3035-535 PTAF   thickness 0,10mm

Laird 773 Fabric          thickness 0,10mm

Laird 785 Fabric          thickness 0,085mm

Laird 750 Fabric          thickness 0,055mm

Laird 748 Fabric          thickness 0,035mm

Laird 720 Fabric          thickness 0,025mm

Laird 285 Black Fabric thickness 0,085mm

Laird 203 Black Fabric thickness 0,095mm

Laird 205 Black Fabric thickness 0,085mm

Laird 250 Black Fabric thickness 0,055mm

Laird 249 Black Fabric thickness 0,035mm


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